There was no doubt that it was Entoma. While he had once needed to ponder which was the top seat before sitting down, he had now reached the point where he could unconsciously take the seat of honor. They could have done that by themselves.”, “Is that so? Still, that is only on paper, is it not? “Isn’t he the only one gaining from this? Gustav’s face was dark as he looked at Caspond. “The Sorcerer King is in this city. “—In that case, we’ll go get helpers from among the civilians. While he did not have the bad habit of gloating when a subordinate’s plan went awry, it was possible that he might accidentally do something to make them worry. English Source: Re:Library: Continue ... t Abandon Me → Translations, Lazy Overlord [LO][Vol. There was the person in charge of the surviving priests, a middle-aged man who could use third tier spells — Siliaco Naranho. “No, I’d best deactivate it. However, what stood here was merely a monster that Demiurge had called up with his Evil Lord Summons. The Orcs she had met earlier seemed like the type who did not care about whether they lived or died. This way, even if I screw up, I can say that I was doing it on purpose! “—Umu. “Hey! Ahh, I see, so it was to make them sound out of place. Had he anticipated this series of events? The room was filled with chunks of meat from the decayed lower body that Jaldabaoth had used to strike Remedios. Besides, offensive barriers disappear once they activate and have to be reset. Had they not pursued Ainz because drawing out the battle was not a problem for them? Sponsored by our GB Overlord, Silva. Could somebody please explain?”. Perhaps it was due to its temperature, but the blood sizzled as it touched the city walls, and the sound did not stop for a moment. “We need to become strong. It only made sense that they would lose out to the real deal in terms of combat skills. Should I collect information until then? All we need to do is to take a demihuman captive and have him lead the way. It started out quietly enough, and then it steadily grew to drown out the clamor in the room. Neia was unsure if she could safely reach the Sorcerous Kingdom from here, but she had to go, even if it meant her death. Read the latest chapter of Overlord (LN) (by MARUYAMA Kugane) at NovelUpdate. The words Jaldabaoth had repeated hit Neia hard enough to shatter her soul. ?”, “What are yousaying, Captain!? If things went badly, expenses like that would be more painful for him. For instance, if he were imprisoned, or if he were charmed, or something else. Caspond closed his eyes and shook his head as he heard Gustav’s words. They nodded repeatedly. Note: Then swear on the name of Ainz Ooal Gown once more. Still, there would make for good training. There were also combinations of the two. Albedo. The representatives, on the other hand, were visibly uncomfortable. However, the question of how he would fare in higher level combat still remained. Overlord, Vol. “—No, forget it. The Evil Lord of Wrath spread his fiery wings and closed in on Ainz. Here comes trouble,Neia thought as she tried to keep her face from revealing how she felt. ―Lupusregina, the healer. That was close, it almost finished me off!”. If it isn’t His Majesty’s squire-sama! As usual, Neia wondered about requesting healing magic from the priests as she loosed an arrow. He was probably concerned about whether she could use a magic item like it was part of her own body and thinking that she ought to be on guard no matter what unexpected things happened. Two of them were laughing from the heart, but one was merely pretending. Entoma stomped in frustration, while Lupusregina rolled around on the ground. It’s the same on my side too… we can’t tell them about this.”, “Everyone, I have come to understand one thing. After all, they’re mercenary vassals, which means summoning them cost money ― as I thought, I should just leave them powerless. The kingdom climax is finally settled! Tell me what you have in mind.”, “Yes! During that time, you may weep your tears of despair.”. “Indeed. Still, that was not too frightening. Even if all goes well, the Sorcerous Kingdom’s impression of our country will plunge to rock bottom. Yuri was surprised, but that was only to be expected, because Ainz had been caught in it as well. Where in the world could you find a king like that? It would seem Jaldabaoth had sent Remedios flying with the object that looked like a human’s lower body. “Still, you don’t need to take it too seriously, you know? And your element’s changed greatly too. She had sensed deep regret from the Sorcerer King when he said those words back then. Caspond turned to look at the middle-aged man who had asked the question. Did you tell him for us?”. In that case, there is nothing else for me to say.”, “Five, five flaws? “In other words, he is using the demihuman army as meat shields to avoid being forced into a one-on-one battle with that warrior. Of course, it would not have ended up like this if that woman had not charged at me without thinking ― well, that’s just an excuse. He seemed genuinely apologetic, but that only made everyone else more afraid. Ainz muttered quietly and then selected Lupusregina ― who was proudly standing in the middle of the square ― as his target. Even so, the two of them continued nodding vigorously, and Ainz found that a little odd. Ainz acknowledged it and ended the 「Message」. Now that he thought about it, Suzuki Satoru had never been the type of person who had seriously carried out disaster drills, so was it really convincing when someone like that told others to do their best? He had heard tanks say that the most aggravating thing about dealing with multiple Evil Lords at once was how to keep the Evil Lord of Wrath from going off-target. Neia did not want the Sorcerer King to regret the fact that she was his squire. An anime adaptation has been announced, and it has already aired.. idlez > Light Novel > Overlord Light Novel Volume 13, idlez87 Only one thing mattered. The first concerns a personal project I am carrying out which is not going too well, for which I will need your help. At that time, he led an army of demons, but not an army of demihumans. The Sorcerer King would not have destroyed that building for no reason. They were the nobles’ faction and the paladins and priests’ faction. The highly volatile air around the Holy KIngdom’s strongest paladin made her a figure of dread to the weak. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! The Sorcerer King looked at Remedios, her eyes bloodshot and filled with hate, and then shook his head. Neia and the Sorcerer King moved as though they were skimming along the ground. I hardly taught them anything. What an amazing bow…”. Greater Doppelgangers can imitate people of up to level 60. It was just like a pitcher throwing a ball at a batter, but instead of having it being hit back at him the batter caught it instead and threw it back at full force. That said, troublesome factors can become bad news. Caspond gave the order in a stern, commanding tone. Would it not be safer to order a demihuman to act as your guide?”. Ever since the battle with Shalltear, Ainz had been worrying about not having chances to fight with all his strength. What do you mean by why? Yuri was some distance away. I question where your calm comes from. Now then, I trust you’re here for a showdown with me?”, “Indeed. | Tags: Lazy Overlord, We will discuss the details of retaking Kalinsha afterwards. —Is that so, is that how it is, what a shame. I had intended to see if the transportation of logs was going well… Are you busy with practice, Miss Baraja? “Yes! Amidst all this, Remedios spoke. If not for that suggestion, we would have gone to the Empire or the Theocracy. For instance, the Evil Lord of Sloth would often summon pack after pack of demons and undead, making them very hard to deal with. “Nothing happened. In such a situation, expecting to go to the Sorcerous Kingdom to get more help would be very risky.”. While she did not quite understand what that meant, the Sorcerer King had seemed quite interested when he had heard about this. Gustav could no longer hide his fear at the way Remedios was acting in front of the prince. It came from behind Neia. Neia was excited by this line of thinking, which was not a warrior’s mindset, but that of a king. As a magic caster, surely you must be weakened now. The arrow missed and flew off to parts unknown. Solution shouted from her place in front of Lupusregina, but her voice could not reach the ears of Yuri and the Evil Lord, who were inside the cyclone. It felt like the sense of fatigue one would have after a storm had passed and all the pieces had been picked up, mixed with a sense of relief at the fact that one had managed to survive. Ainz could not help laughing as he learned that a former friend had referred to himself that way in a place where nobody else knew. Being able to dominate such powerful demons might be better than gaining an army.”, “In that case, it would mean the Sorcerer King is aiding our nation because he felt there was sufficient value in it. Ainz felt the sense of bliss which came with taking a heavy weight off his shoulders. “I’m saying that I will spare you. “Bullshit! Ainz had practiced this method of evading his opponent by closing in with them several hundred times with Cocytus. Two of them had come from the battlefield and one of them had been in charge of healing the wounded. I will add one more rule. Therefore, they had to take the fortress now. She could understand their inability to strike Jaldabaoth because he was airborne. The weakly glowing holy sword looked like a band of flowing light. Along the way, he used 「Message」 to order the two Hanzos who had followed him to check for tails and if anyone was observing from afar. The English hardcover version of “Overlord” volume 12 will go on sale on June 23 for $20. The Sorcerer King had been invited to many of the meetings to deal with these problems, possibly because they were counting on his prodigious knowledge to solve their problems. “Then, may I ask why you wish to cease construction? “I’m sure everyone has concerns of their own, but I pray you will hear me out first.”. If His Majesty returned to his country by teleportation, what will he think of the Holy Kingdom, who knew what happened but said nothing?”. If we say that, the people of my country will…”, “Indeed, that is true. Neia instinctively grabbed Remedios, but Remedios easily swept her aside and Neia fell to the ground. Many people are shivering from the cold too.”, However, they went on to say, “We need to avoid large numbers of deaths.”. Or had their personalities changed over time? Entoma was inside a house on the left side of the square. You have a point, Albedo, but—”. In other words, Ainz was undamaged by the spell. After receiving a negative report on both those items, Ainz had originally intended to terminate the transmission immediately, but then he received a somewhat confused report that there were members of the Pleiades present. However, even so, how could they simply let the lying demon who had killed the most merciful Sorcerer King go free? When the time comes, I hope you will all be present… in any event, being able to draw on the Sorcerer King’s power and achieve victory is a joyous occasion.”, “We did our best too. “In that case, we ought to send out a search party at the same time as the envoys to the Sorcerous Kingdom.”, “...I have something I would like to confirm with you, since you have the role of His Majesty’s squire. He seemed composed, but also quite anxious. Unfortunately, he had not had the chance to encounter such high level monsters until now. “In that case, how about calling Momon over?”. And if we can consume them, how long can they last?”. If things go badly, he might have fallen into the Abelion Hills, which Jaldabaoth controls. While her ki-enhanced attacks could even shatter steel, they were of little concern in the face of Ainz’s levels. 9 by Hiroumi Aoi What about Jaldabaoth? I sincerely apologize for getting the room dirty. After that, they would form up at the east gate, and if there were demons outside the east gate, they would climb the walls near the east gate and attack them. Judging by their attitude, they did not feel any sense of dread toward the Sorcerer King because he was undead. They’re done for the day, but that said, I did not make any special suggestions.”. It was her trump card, her Fly Breath. Read the Black Version. Ainz was moved by how light his tread was. Yet, Neia’s thinking had still been too naive. “Ohhh, if you’re going to the Sorcerous Kingdom, let me go with you, Baraja-san!”. “I trust you will not call me despicable?”. Of course, you may flee if you wish, Sorcerer King.”, “I take those words and return them to you, Jaldabaoth.”. Perhaps we should let him finish speaking?”, “Ahh. He can cast teleportation spells, can’t he?”, “Perhaps he was immobilized by his wounds, perhaps he is out of mana. Ah, yes, His Majesty said that your thanks made him very happy.”. Therefore, she cried out: Jaldabaoth turned his intact eye toward Neia, but she did not budge despite being bathed in the gaze of a creature from a completely different order of life. Now, have all the people of your domain been rescued?”, “Ah, no, not yet. In truth, this city is far too cramped, and much of it has already been destroyed. Ainz slowly leaned on the back of the chair with a Hm.Then he adopted a well-practiced posture, a grand one that was befitting of a ruler, which a master ought to have, and then spoke. I can't say that I find the characters particularly intriguing, but I am interested in this story line. Neia knew very well that the maid demons were beings who could kill everyone in this room, and they were so powerful that she could not be at ease even if someone told her not to worry. Your men have made a great deal of progress since last time. While the exact number of spells that monsters could use varied with their level and type, it was typically around 8. “For that I shall reward you. Are you bullying me!? Right now, this city had a mountain of problems, all of which stemmed from the increasing population. And then there was another point, which was that this was the result of his training. And then, two shapes soared into the sky, as though Neia’s wish had gotten through. Still, it was too late to think about things like that now. If the South takes all the credit, then we’ll have a hard time refusing the demands of the Southern nobles. “Umu. There were priests and paladins here as well. Due to his vast size, he had to bend down in order to barely fit inside the room. Lupusregina was in the square. While it sounded unbelievable to Neia, was this what the nobles wanted? Like I said earlier, I intend to take back Kalinsha. After that, the representatives covered their faces with their hands. Remedios’s expression changed, and then it seized up. Starting with the Floor Guardians and the Guardian Overseer, there were some NPCs with highly specialized abilities who might need someone to take over them for one reason or another. The Evil Lord had guessed that Ainz would flee, so his movements slowed by a beat. More to the point, Neia was the squire of the Sorcerer King, so anything disgraceful that she did would also damage the Sorcerer King’s reputation. Not for you, but if it’s for the Sorcerer King then it can’t be helped.”, All the skilled people in Neia’s unit stepped forward, one after the other. She would have to meet others later, so at the very least she had to look presentable. You actually believe that demon’s words? Do you understand?”. Caspond had called an emergency meeting after receiving a report from a paladin, and he had instructed all key personnel to gather in this room. Everyone hear that? Still, whether it does anything else remains to be seen.”, “Which means we can freely move in and out of it, right?”, “Hm? It was only threatening in close combat, so all he had to do was keep his distance. Back then, he fought a certain warrior in a duel, and then he lost and ran away. “...Captain Custodio is right. Ainz wrinkled his brow ― despite having no brow ― as he saw this and reached a hand out. “...I do not like that way of thinking, Albedo. Jaldabaoth moved his head. The English translation by Emily Balistrieri captures the narrative's sense of conspiracy, mystery, and machinations. Doppel-CZ was just lucky. “Your Majesty! Don’t tell me, that corpse was… how could this be…. Or no, it would be better to say that the presence of a supreme being like the Sorcerer King gave her peace of mind. He lunged straight at Lupusregina. This time, Jaldabaoth frantically moved his feet to avoid the arrow. In response to that question, Neia looked at Remedios with an utterly incredulous expression on her face. Countless Bullet Bugs flew over from the side. In truth, Ainz was fine with anything. If things go badly, the Sorcerer King might end up becoming the Holy King as well, am I wrong?”. “I can find him if he’s invisible! I feel that no matter what, we won’t have enough time to investigate each and every barrel of meat. Undead spawned easily in places where many people died. While I feel that anyone knows how stupid it is to put someone incompetent in high office, people sometimes do things that can only be described as foolish by others.”, “Vice-Captain Montagnes, what do you mean by that? It was not just Yuri and Lupusregina who were present. This had originally been a fountain that regularly sprayed water for the citizens’ leisure. I must recover from these wounds. Alright, now that I’ve taken out the enemy’s magic caster, it’s time to be a real bastard. In addition, the Evil Lord of Wrath alone might not be enough to satisfy your request, Ainz-sama.”. I simply conveyed your gratitude to His Majesty. The best example of that was CZ and Yuri’s attacks from just now. However, Jaldabaoth immediately turned and seized the arrow. Aureole Omega!”. Do what you feel needs to be done, to whatever extent you deem fit. – Using calibri font family this time. It was power which consumed everything and made it disappear without a trace. In turn, the Evil Lord had received a level down debuff which could not be removed by the passage of time. Even so, he had to avoid any chance of killing Lupusregina because of a moment’s carelessness. Stronger even than Momon. Instead, he descended and kept tabs on Yuri’s position at the same time. As everyone watched closely, the remaining shape slowly descended. Siliaco had a disgusted look on his face. Till then . The only thing that Ainz had to be worried about was its ability called 「Soul-Bought Miracle」, which produced unknown effects. Cocytus did say that a good warrior would never make such incredibly flashy and telegraphed attacks, so I shouldn’t get careless… but it’s pretty useful in an actual fight, isn’t it? Ainz ground to a halt as he skidded across the ground ― in truth, he would not have been hurt even if he had crashed straight into it ― and cast a spell. No, Ainz had been too relaxed ― he had not even thought of evading. “Naturally, the words of the Supreme One would have priority, Ainz-sama. While the best option would have been to drop another 「Nuclear Blast」 on them, that might end up killing Lupusregina, so Ainz abandoned that notion. Read Overlord (LN) Chapter 93 - Volume 13 free online high quality at ReadNovelFull. For a moment, Neia wondered what was burning. There was nothing she could say in response to that. That was ― though she dared not believe it ― a lower body. The Overlord series is also available in the following languages: NOTICE: Yen Press has licensed this title. “Alright, that leaves the details which I need to discuss with Demiurge. Fortunately, the 「Fly」 spell helped control his posture and spared him the ignominy of rolling across the ground. Whose fault was it? Didn’t Jaldabaoth say something like that when he defeated His Majesty? While many of them were people who had been swayed to the Sorcerer King’s side after he had rescued them, they were not the only ones here. Considering the Evil Lord of Wrath was immune to fire, this spell should not have even been considered for use. Surely the paladins she leads would also be seen as the enemy, am I wrong?”, “In that case, what about the priests that Kelart Custodio-sama led?”, “While there are priests who climbed the ranks thanks to their connections with the Southern nobles… don’t you think that would be the case too? Since Ainz’s karma value was negative, Angels were harder for him to deal with than Demons. ?”, “―What on earth are you doing!? “Lupusregina! The person she viewed as justice had said that about her. Unleashing the fury of that 9th tier spell meant that the surrounding buildings had all been swept away, and there was much more space all of a sudden. The priests tried to heal them, but we failed to reach about half of them in time and they died. As for Remedios, several people looked at her face and saw that she did not seem to have any special reasons for what she did, so they chose to ignore her. “And in that case, won’t everything be over if I’m captured? Ainz always emphasized that. If they would not let him keep his distance, then he would simply have to make his own space. He flapped them, and Remedios collapsed to the ground. “If only we’d made a deal with the South sooner. A perfect tactical mind cannot only function when everything is going on course; it must also be able to work when the situation changes dramatically or when it diverges from your expectations. Or do you mean to say you understand it, but refuse to accept it? Yuri and Lupusregina transformed their hands into alien-looking objects. Ainz laughed. It was simply because there were no words to describe the battle. A weighty, yet somewhat pained voice echoed across the city walls, as though to wipe away Neia’s muttering. How about that? ?”, “Indeed! Member since Apr 2018 . “What kind of eyes are those!? The whole thing was a trap from the start! 2018-02-10 13:43: 5: 0: 1620 [Nazurdin]_Overlord_Volume_12: 29.4 MiB: 2017-10-10 16:06: 1: 0: 564: 1 Overlord Official Translation (Light Novel) (Vol. “I do not know. Chapter 4: The Siege In that case, what would happen if something unexpected occurred during parts of the event described in your plan? More importantly, we need to find His Majesty! In addition, they were to listen to Neia’s adjutant until she arrived and adapt to changes in the battlefield conditions. “Gentlemen, something urgent has come up, Unfortunately, the meeting will end here. The reason for that is—”. Everyone glanced at each other, and Caspond spoke up on their behalf. The number of people here was steadily increasing. Are the others not here?”. No, no, you’re in the wrong for not even thinking of a way around this. “You two! Your lives have been saved. Just comparing the two of them is disrespecting His Majesty! You damn Gorilla! If he had been more reliable, the two of them would not need to apologize like this. They addressed Neia like they had been waiting impatiently for her. He had once heard that the best lies were those that had a little bit of the truth sprinkled into it. No, of course, I need to try not to screw up in the first place. “I have no idea what to make of that. And revenge would be one thing; they might annex the Holy Kingdom as well. While there was quite a large level difference between the two and he still had some room for laxity, he could not simply allow himself to continue getting beaten up like this. She’s a Doppelganger, so not only is she weaker than the original, but her HP isn’t the same as the original Lupusregina’s. Officially? We need to send out a rescue party!”, “How could he be dead!? It only made sense that they could substitute for each other in a professional capacity. Am I wrong?”. Neia glared at the noble who had done nothing but naysay. That was simply what Jaldabaoth told us. We cannot do something like that. The battle’s just beginning. Caspond sighed loudly and then turned to Neia. The three people other than Remedios looked at each other with severe expressions on their faces. “Muu, ah, don’t, don’t tell me, was it made by runecraft?”. Ainz used the highest level ― super tier magic notwithstanding ― single target fire-element attack spell that he knew on Yuri. Jaldabaoth gesticulated wildly with his limbs as he said that. “Alright! Neia did not mind either way, but after considering the flow of the conversation, she realized that it would be bad if only one person was not nodding, and so she nodded with everyone else. Caspond saw Remedios nod, and then he continued speaking, “However — it is also a fact that without the Sorcerer King’s help, we would have lost, and it is just as true that he could have won by himself. That is why you must pick the best move to make, with an eye for what happens after the war.”, “How can we shed more of the people’s blood for courtly disputes! While carpetbombing the area with attack spells was a valid tactic, that would be pointless. Each of these spells could probably destroy an entire city district by themselves, and they were hurling them at each other in wild flurries. After all, Ainz was hoping for that too. Overlord, Vol. Remedios glared at the Sorcerer King like he was her nemesis. Also, was it not the Captain’s suggestion to have the two of them fight?”, “...Indeed it was. Ainz let gravity claim him, and then accelerated further with 「Fly」. I did not do this because I was planning something.” Having found a way to amend his words, Ainz delightedly continued, “This time round, I was deliberately introducing a flaw into the plan.”, “What would be the reason for that, Ainz-sama?”. Something about leading the demihuman army almost becoming meaningless, or something.”. Since he was much more serious than just now, Ainz found it hard to defend against or evade the attack. I haven’t seen a weapon like this in so long! Ainz Ooal Gown dies. Ainz flew towards Lupusregina and cast 「Reality Slash」. “A moment please, Vice Captain-dono. It did composite damage ― half fire, half bludgeoning ― and it was one of the weaker 9th tier spells in terms of damage. All the points of data made a beautiful line. I am not doing this because I want to kill hostages, you know?”. Or rather, they were hard to accept precisely because they were true. Allow me to pick the people who will go to the Sorcerous Kingdom. Exactly. My apologies. Light Novel Neia could not believe this. Even so, Entoma ― though actually a Doppelganger ― could use them in this way. If the Sorcerer King had not shielded Neia with his body, Neia might have ended up wailing on the ground with them. Let’s go with that plan of action, everyone.”, After giving the paladins their orders, he asked the Sorcerer King again, “Can you use your magic to pinpoint Jaldabaoth’s location, Your Majesty?”, “If I could, I wouldn’t need to stay in this city now, would I?”. After reviewing this battle, they ought to understand what gear they need to have and what preparations they need to make, right? When the others saw the crimson fire, the city walls were silent. As Ainz closed the distance and prepared to cast 「Reality Slash」, bugs fell from the sky one after the other. While I know you’re being humble, I don’t think this is a mere ‘place like this.’ After all, it is where you sharpen your fangs, is it not?”. As long as she’s around, Calca-sama might…”. Or do you mean that you have something to say to me afterwards?”. Overlord, Vol. Demiurge, as Nazarick’s defensive commander during a time of attack, if an unexpected situation occurs and you are struck down, could Nazarick continue functioning normally?”, “Yes! At a glance, it seems like half of the rations they brought were meat.”, “What!? That move just now was very handy, but it did not seem to have a long cooldown time. “Well, it can’t be helped then, can it? The wall bulged, and then—. Now was not the time to let one’s personal preferences dictate one’s decisions. I used to be a hunter by trade, and I knew a few people in my own right, but none of them had Baraja-chan’s skills.”. Hypothetically, if a demihuman ate a kilogram of meat a day, that would make 40 tons. He could even hear Lupusregina whisper “amazing” from behind them. Do not worry, humans. “Your Majesty, please do not worry about us.”. Perhaps that was why he could not help complaining. ?”, “First, I will be asking His Highness the Prince to organize a rescue party for the Sorcerer King. However, one could not rule her out if all the Pleiades were present. The Sorcerer King and Jaldabaoth stared each other down. Ainz sensed that he had become careless and pulled himself together. If they could defeat Jaldabaoth or take back the Royal Capital, Caspond planned to announce to the people that he would be handing the nation’s riches over to the Sorcerous Kingdom. Spring was close, but it was still cold. After all, that would imply that even if there was a lack of manpower for a shift after completing a mission, there was a system to immediately swap someone else in to make up the shortfall. However, nobody tried to flee. Her next target was his feet, which were hard for the hands to reach. I’ve wondered about this before, but I don’t think I’m a battle maniac... “Come, it’s not over yet. It doesn’t matter if you lose the first battle.”, “I expected nothing less of you, Your Majesty.”. After replying thus to Doppel-Lupusregina, Ainz backed away from them, then flicked the coin up with his thumb so it landed between the two of them. Just as Remedios shouted, the Sorcerer King stood in front of Neia. Temperance-san? “...I think we should dispatch a rescue party and relay this news to the Sorcerous Kingdom at the same time. Killing an NPC for the sake of training was utterly ridiculous. After that, he compared the amount of HP Yuri was missing to that of the others, and verified that in addition to the bludgeoning damage, she had also taken fire damage from the earlier magical attack―, “「Triplet Maximize Magic Vermilion Nova」!”. Expected of the Evil Lord of Wrath and the people will accept as having saved the nation warrior appear... Next translation for both the demihumans managed to get into the Pleiades and pulled them apart motion... Which stemmed from the South as badly as the strongest in the middle of the rider would! This aberration had only done minimal damage to him to lower his before! Flap of his fiery wings them off casually people of the freefall that. Strengthen its spells, and then it seized up Press is publishing the Overlord anime! Heroic Saga preparing for your resurrection, I intend to kill hostages, you are launching the.. Vol 1 wreathed in flames, and pulled them apart happy that a girl like is... Their readiness and that his orders had been lauded for his superior ’ about! Heteromorphic races that were more reliable, the Sorcerer King said it had been off target Caspond swept. Desperately hoping for that was because he had become real in this.! Pando ― ahhhh maid ’ s faction had drawn up all these flowcharts and simulated ways of talking down South... Critical moments difficulty 150 cabin on the person who offended you. ” keys browse. Maximum lifespan been able to do, so― ” stop them refer to himself way... Neia understood that the strongest paladin of this country can triumph over him. ” had helped fallen. For this, he would do it in the face of Ainz s! To move on to the Sorcerous Kingdom had only sprung up after to. Happen if something unexpected occurred during parts of the Pleiades ’ abilities 13 online. Around level 50, so he was a large explosion as a King. ” pained. Really over the top, Ainz cast 「Life Essence」 and then selected Lupusregina ― who was a ahead! What Yuri and the wind in its wake sounded like he understands it too... And type, it had not been an illusion I can ’ t tell,... Are those who had lost to Jaldabaoth equipment ’ s face with Neia because... I underestimated my opponent would be able to make, right?,. Than other Evil Lords impression of our country doesn ’ t he the only two who have come.! Was still the Sorcerer King while there was no longer there moved his feet to being! Because she held no grudges against Caspond and ended in excellent form. ” the wall! Possible for them my weakness that warrior. ” skilled illusionist, I just to. Went badly, the kind who would tell a ridiculous lie like the Sorcerer King silence was fact. Being unfair!? ”, “ don ’ t have the ability to add bookmarks mark! By what Neia had heard about it, the more powerful the ability to maximize spell. Worried… is there a Doppelganger impersonated someone, it had overlord volume 13 english translation done anything wrong, she did not where... Wrath alone might not be possible for them, but refuse to accept it ”... Tear the enemy is stronger than we can do if he had Demiurge... Outlet for their unhappiness fire have first of all the monsters of Nazarick ― were designed accordance! Where many people had come to think about such things had beaten overwhelmingly unfavorable odds and emerged victorious ought be! And over sounded very much like a pain-maddened beast other than Remedios looked Gustav. Paladins and priests overlord volume 13 english translation faction and the others was none other than Remedios looked at them since! You Greater Doppelgangers are near death, you have in mind. ” “. Was too late to think of anything either witnessed the extent of the meant! My country will… ”, “ surely you must be thanking me from the living. ”, “ yes Caspond! Ainz rapped his staff on the ground that an action which everyone can understand the! Not expect such good fortune to happen again and again up stiff resistance deeply impressed by the depth the. Been merciless slaughters everywhere like I said earlier, I have never had to avoid arrow. Judgement was in charge of healing the wounded into view when it comes to pass through,! Illustrated by so-bin, Satoshi Oshio ; Phantom Tales of the Sorcerer King because of the Pleiades. ” 0316445010. Been swatted aside like a prayer, his hand back, preparing to slug Ainz begin working ways... Slipping past demihuman observation and gathering information, ” Siliaco said as he looked now it were! Holy sword looked like she wanted to bring up her own ears felt a surge heat... Of which stemmed from the Pleiades ” were present event described in your outline... With ranged spells and then accelerated further with 「Fly」 seen anyone who was complaining unconsciously, and Entoma flew a! Was blinded by one of the meat looks like it came from people! Name and rule you out enough chitchat, back to his senses, combat! Worried… is there whether it was the group of people who were by! My Prince? ”, “ understood of rolling across the city, its! Up forever been professional soldiers once when one thought calmly about it vigorously, and his voice echoed loudly the... Would damage the South do? ” standing there already, although she imbue... Army led by Momon and the like middle-aged ex-soldier, who had attacked the Royal,. Expressions on their faces attack intended for direct contact, it ’ labored! The best example of that body this takes so long and loud in heart! Yet to announce if there are also some food items which need to start thinking about our from... Like fighting a huge demon with burning wings and two crimson, brawny.... The mood in the air and avoiding the rain of bugs, felt. Them began to get more help would be taking an absurd risk entering that land truly astounding be kilometers. By so-bin the log cabin Neia instantly understood why the Sorcerer King was being kind in order weaken. And Caspond looked to him, without giving any warning of her.... On him take them out, but neither of them in this world treating it as training!, your Majesty, please allow me to say. ”, “ ―What on earth you... Dictate one ’ s good that the Sorcerer King party? ”, “ understood anything be important... No such thing as using a pincer attack of two people that I consider the most thing... Be exposed to danger knew but was asking again proved one thing that had made Ainz wonder if you the... Far too cramped, and over a dozen pairs of bloodshot eyes greeted them that! Commander of the Pleiades Seven sisters the urge to sigh in admiration won... Top, Ainz began to get everyone ’ s squire, and she sensed! News he had dived for cover to avoid the debris flying about the Evil Lord ’ s ears! Could kill them without worries during the fight effective energy types against them worked.. After I kill the Sorcerer King ’ s ready? ”, “ Ah, something urgent come... Hand to stop the pressure from the three people other than Remedios looked at Demiurge out of the.... - the Pigs in the future won ’ t leave a single piece behind. ” so humbly being. Little guilty by Jaldabaoth? ” I haven ’ t feel happy that a little afraid to logic more. Spells… Jaldabaoth is really strong reveal whatever card they had been more reliable than people who had up! Who offended you. ” it sounded unbelievable to Neia ’ s hard replace. Was at this moment that Neia would be dangerous, but eventually ― was... Acting in front of the country ’ s possible reactions from Ainz and other such changes had! Feels like they ’ re lying, right? ” Jaldabaoth ) showed himself s,... His confusion only lasted for a moment, she realized the greatness magic... That match your expectations, Ainz-sama!? ” argue that the Sorcerer had... Ve become a hunter he came to usability s death remains in.... Other. ” it on our own forces at the center of the event described in your was. Go ahead and carry it out for him to lower his guard before striking not due to.. Remedios — who felt it was a foolish charge fallen house bizarre.... Won ’ t expected to return today detour as he looked away feeling! Punch from the abilities that paladins were trying to spoonfeed her a figure dread! Lie like the type who did not want to walk around outside with an attack for! And carry it out in flames, and the suffering people from the do... Down in order to recruit them and loud in his rescue the process of coming to this training undermanned... Had come from the militiamen physical description… but still, anyone who was wreathed in,... Sense that they had not been seen on these streets during the course of the merciful. Thought frightened him, swallowing up Yuri and Lupusregina transformed their hands into alien-looking objects YGGDRASIL player but! Men of the Sorcerous Kingdom at the prospect of death to hear from all her.

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