the IMAGE you need, presents "ARLANDI BARCELONA" a clothing brand with more than 2 years of life in our city and national sales, we are delighted to be able to present its new Collection of 2018 in Pacha Barcelona, the event consists of making a call type 22:00 h where attendees can enjoy a catering and small glasses of wine (usual system of pre-Party convocation) while all the guests arrive to show them the new collection with a parade of about 12 models of the new 2018 collection !!! With 3 parade passes + dancers in the last pass, we will start with Voice in OFF and a song for a pass, with some themes DEEP VOICE HOUSE while people talk and meet with the catering, the magnificent event will be attended by the DJs and international producers "Two Wolves", the parade will type type 23: 30h and during the event hostesses will offer and show the product to the attendees, with information of points of sale, it will be ideal to mount as a type counter / exhibition for garments, the forecast to end would be type 00: 30h so the vast majority of attendees would stay in the room to continue the party!

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