Born in Terrassa, Barcelona in 1984, Juanjo Fenoy is a DJ who is connected to the world of music and parties, starting from his own roots.

His presence in the most important clubs of the Vallès through public relations and later as a DJ has shaped his modern and fresh style.

Juanjo Fenoy started his carreer at the early age of seventeen after winning two DJ contest in Ciutat La Nit, a club that reigned the Vallès nightlife in the beginning of the millennium.

After winning a third contest, Juanjo Fenoy managed ‘Pick Up Art Urban Drink’ at the age of twenty-six. This musical project was started by the artist in Terrassa in the form of opening a new club, which had a big influence on the city’s musical panorama during years to follow.

He shared his cabin with artists like Rafha Madrid, Dani Masi, Steve Redant in clubs like Bim Bam Bum and Café Ole.

In 2013, he signed as a resident DJ with the company ‘Out of the blue management’, which was formed in Miami (USA) as a promotor of parties such as Supermartxé, This is Ibiza, etc on top of organising his own parties called ‘Out of the blue’.

Juanjo Fenoy debuted in the WMC of Miami in The Vault. Passing through Frankfurt (Germany) in CK Studio Disco Club, where he shared the cabin with the international artist Ultra Nate.

He formally opened the festival Candyland Group with Crocodrills. Finally, he bet on The Candyland World tour to be his official residence for the 2014-2015 season. That year, he shared the booth with artists like Juanjo Martin, Jose Franco, Micah the violinist, JP Candela and Albert Neve.

Completely in love with electronic music and inspired by many colleagues from the musical panorama, Juanjo Fenoy projects these elements through his sets, essentially through EDM, house and club. Being this passionate, he shows a fierce groove in all styles.

Currently, Juanjo Fenoy plays a leading role in the musical project ‘Two Wolves DJs’ together with Robert Cruz, offering their latest productions and their direct impact.

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